Saturday, November 19, 2005

November 19 (Saturday): This morning I wake up at 6AM. This is ridiculous, my body clock is absolutely fucked and lying in is impossible for JGRAM. Outside it looks utterly freezing and inside its not much better. I hope my heating is working now because last night, the fucker sure was not burning. A quick stab with my hand and it burns; we have heat.

Today is quite frankly. I do not have to go to work, even though I wouldn't resent it and once the day begins proper, the sun is out and the skies are other words it is beautiful. I am in really high spirits, today is about luxury and leisure.

And I must be feeling happy (or ill) when I actually walk to the Layer Road newspaper shop instead of driving (as per lazy usual). Today I should be studying but it is too good to waste on my vocation (bad choice!). For some reason this morning after ODing on BBC news I find myself watching an illegal download of the Garfield movie and I find myself completely enjoying it.

np: London Elektricity - The Strangest Secret In The World


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