Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November 25 (Friday): Today comes with bad omens and when the client/supplier from hell phones me up for the third time this week barking down the phone at me, I just feel like holding my head in my hands. Even worse however I deal with the call in front of my work colleagues/peers and it is very embarassing as I screw up the call failing to be either assertive or aggressive, tripping over my words as the man baffles my brains with bullshit (a favourite term of John Heddle from Beaumont Seymour there; see I did learn SOMETHING from there). Even worse when the guy begins requesting to speak to my bosses (the famous people with their names on records and films) because he has worked from them X amount of years. Finally I manage to transfer the guy, feeling redfaced and harassed. I receive some much appreciated support and understanding from those around me (my work buddies), which is really great and makes me feel better. I look the company up on the internet (I "Google" them) and under the man's description of himself included in hobbies is "surfing the internet for porn". Honestly, I kid you not! However times have changed and my blogging is now somewhat more restrained and whereas once I would have put a link to this and named and shamed, now I will only tease you and leave it to you to email me and ask who the guy is/was. I now worry about him calling again requesting his money.

Today carries on and I begin to question whether it is Friday the 13th; bad call after bad call gets sent through to me, each of which I fluff (today is not a good day for me on the phone).

By the time home time turns up, I find myself running for the door. Fortunately tonight someone has arranged/lined up for a cab to take us from Ladbroke Grove to Notting Hill and soon I am on a train winging its way home to cosy Colchester. I am asleep before 10PM.


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