Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November 26 (Saturday): Ouch, today I really suck. Like a good boy I head out to Asda early morn to get the weekend newspapers and some food with view to a long day's revision/study. That however don't happen.

This morning I decide that it will be pretty rocking to watch my Dig DVD. OK, that is two hours well spent I'll have to admit, this is the kind of movie that makes you realise why a person gets involved in music and to a large extent also makes you realise where you are going wrong. This movie is ten times better than Instrument, all participants in the movie may be fuck ups and dicks but at least they are not holier than thou and utterly boring with it.

Naturally after seeing the movie I want some Brian Jonestown Massacre and then my remaining Saturday morning gets wasted on them before I realise The Simple Life is on TV; which I now have some kind of unhealthy enjoyment in.

I start out the after by watching my download of the first half of the Enron movie: The Smartest Men In The Room. This supposedly is going towards my studies and revision, teaching my all about corporate tools and strategy. Does it? Yes but this is the sort of tacit knowledge/information that will see my fail my examinations and land me in prison; yes, this movie is THAT good! Well, the first half of it is, unfortunately the dick on Soulseek who was sharing it has now decided he no longer wants to share. How frustrating.

The afternoon is Millwall v Leeds, a potential war. I wimp out and do not go once more, Millwall this season for me is too expensive and too soulsapping, the team has no fight but what do you expect when it is mostly loan players and youngsters. Instead I play Pro Evolution 5 some more. Eventually Millwall fluff it and lose 1-0 to an unfortunate Ben May own goal in fucking injury time. This is typical of season 05/06. Word is however that the Birmingham reserve keeper on loan in goal has a very good game, preventing something of a hammering.

My Saturday turns out to be the stuff of loser legend, even I cannot recall what I do other than speak to Racton on MSN some.

I wake up in the early hours after falling asleep too soon. I begin watching my Breakfast With Hunter DVD for some long lost inspiration.


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