Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November 27 (Sunday): Today is all about the study. Firstly however I need arrange at just what time I will be visiting my parents (and Sky TV) today. Unfortunately however, after my disturbed night I only wake up at 10AM, missing Millwall's "highlights" on ITV. I phone home and arrange to turn up for 2PM. Could move or bad move?

I manage to actually pick up some study today. I have succesfully managed to download, print off and sneak every past paper of my exams home from work and that is 13 papers multiplied by three exams. My day consists of skimming over these 39 past papers, not actually attempting the papers, more just looking at them and saying "yes" or "no" to the internal question of: "would I be able to answer this question?". The papers are really varied and cover wide wide syllabuses. Some of the exams are really really nasty and to be brutally honest, I do not appear to stand a snowballs hope in hell of passing them in a few weeks time.

My revision is somewhat hindered by a movie starring Jack Lemmon and Hank Azaria called My Tuesdays With Morrie. It is actually a really good TV movie about poor old Jack Lemmon playing a character dying of cancer. Considering Lemmon died the following year, it is very possible that he wasn't actually acting very much.

Eventually I head home where I find the old man suffering from a bitter, exhibiting the deepest of throats with his flu croak. Mum does some kind of Sunday roast and this is the most food I have eaten in days.

On TV the football is Everton v Newcastle and West Ham scum v Man Utd scum. After Cahill roughs people up in the first game, West Ham then score after 52 seconds in the second game and I have to admit to finding it funny. The game bores me though, so I hop on the parents' PC to see what porn Dad may have been surfing (computer says "no").

Eventually I go home to a cold Sunday evening on my own, officially bath night. This week my car runs out of MOT and tax and I currently cannot find either document, each required for renewal of the other. Finally around 10PM I find the documents, much to my relief but it all points to and indicates that this is going to be one expensive week.

For a Sunday evening, I have plenty of gusto and I actually manage to stay awake for both episodes of Arrested Development this evening. This show is insane and it is getting insaner.

I fall asleep smiling.


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